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Playing Tourist

Tweet Hello again! As I spent the last year jet setting and seeing what the world has to offer, I got a little homesick. I forgot how much London has to offer. There must be a reason why this city tops so many people’s wish lists. I decided to play tourist in my own city. […]

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Viva la California!

Tweet Hello again lads and ladies, good to be here again! Sorry for my extended delay, but let’s pick up where we left off. After a few weeks enjoying all the culture and beauty Phoenix had to off, I took a short flight to sunny California. Even in the dead of winter, the sun was […]

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Into the Sun

Tweet WOOHOO! I arrived in Phoenix on Saturday afternoon at 1pm local time jet lagged as hell but ready to party in the sun! The flight was quite long. 7 hours (including layovers.) I had an opportunity to explore the Edmonton airport though, that was interesting…I mean, I thought Vancouver was cold, but it would seem […]

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Tweet Well I’ve been in Canada for two weeks now, and all I can say is brrr…Seriously why the hell did Columbus even come here? On the bright side, Vancouver is VERY beautiful in the fall. (I rest my case.)   I have done so many fun, “Canadian” things during the past two weeks, I cannot […]

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I am Christopher Columbus

Tweet Tomorrow is the day…My flight leaves Heathrow at 4:00am for my first stop, Vancouver, Canada to visit my buddy Nathan from Unearthbc. Funnily enough, I leave London tomorrow, Friday October 22 at 4:00am. Ten gruelling hours later, I land in Vancouver on Friday October 22 at 6:00am. Can anyone say jet lag..? Ugh. I suppose […]

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Tweet Ladies, gentlemen, tramps and ruffians, whomever you may claim to be, welcome. Welcome to the humble chronicles of my North American travels, I look forward to sharing my misadventures with all of you. Welcome to Links of London Box. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me here. Cheers, Caleb  

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