Tomorrow is the day…My flight leaves Heathrow at 4:00am for my first stop, Vancouver, Canada to visit my buddy Nathan from Unearthbc. Funnily enough, I leave London tomorrow, Friday October 22 at 4:00am. Ten gruelling hours later, I land in Vancouver on Friday October 22 at 6:00am.

Can anyone say jet lag..? Ugh.

I suppose I can’t complain, in less than 36 hours I will be just a stones throw away from the Pacific, sipping whatever shoddy excuse for an ale it is that Canadian’s drink (I think they actually call it, “Canadian) with my Canadian friend and business owner, Nathan. I actually feel like Columbus setting sail towards the great unknown. Ready to conquer all that the new world can throw it me.

What am I to expect? Polar bears? Igloos? Flying hockey pucks? God forbid…snow? What have I gotten myself into…
I plan on staying on the coast for a month to work with Nathan at his Vancouver landscaping business. From there I will be flying to the Okanagan to visit my relatives in Penticton who own some construction company doing god knows what. After that? Some fun in the sun in Phoenix Arizona, followed by California and wherever the wind takes me.

I am pretty much Columbus aren’t I…

My bags are packed and I am as jittery as a schoolgirl whom was just asked to the school ball by her high school crush…If you have never experienced this, that’s pretty damn jittery…

I digress.

As this is my first trip to North America, I am not quite sure what to expect. My question for you, beloved readers, is:

What is your greatest and your worst travel experience in North America? Comment or email and I will post your submission as soon as I arrive in Canada!

If I am not eaten by a polar bear first that is…

Farewell dear reader, and remember:

Oh Canada!