Well I’ve been in Canada for two weeks now, and all I can say is brrr…Seriously why the hell did Columbus even come here?

On the bright side, Vancouver is VERY beautiful in the fall.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, Buildings along False Creek

(I rest my case.)


I have done so many fun, “Canadian” things during the past two weeks, I cannot even hope to include it in this blog post. (Sorry for not posting sooner btw.) Regardless, here’s my top 3 favourite things I have done in Canada so far:


  1. Go to a Hockey Game. My friend Nate and I went to the nucks’ game as they say here on Saturday after I arrived. I have never been to a large sporting event before and this was AWESOME. I had a lot of fun drinking this piss poor excuse Canadian’s call beer. Despite the fact they lost 3-2 to the Detroit Red Wings, it was a blast!
  2. Boy’s Night Out. This past weekend we went out to some club called Fortune Sound Club. HOLY MOLY is this place ever AWESOME. There were a bunch of DJ’s cranking out party tunes all night, lots of booze and LOTS of ladies. My god Canadian girls are cute. (Dat accent). Definitely a memorable night, I highly recommend going to this establishment if you are visiting Vancouver, Canada.
  3. Science World. Call me a nerd but DAMN this place is cool…If you have not been here to explore the displays yet, GO! Lots of interestesting displays and scientifically information, I love this stuff. The highlight of my visit to Science world was reclining in the IMAX theatre, which is in the very top of the giant Science World bubble, to watch a movie about Dinosaurs. Sweet!

There are so many cool things to do in Vancouver, Canada. You Canadians are lucky to live in such a beautiful country, and the people are so nice! The only thing that takes some getting used to is the fact that you Canadian’s all drive on the WRONG side of the car and road.

Regrettably I will soon be packing my bags and taking the bus to Penticton which is a few hours away to visit my aunt and uncle for a week. And then? Off to some fun in sun in Phoenix, Arizona!!

Bring it on!