I arrived in Phoenix on Saturday afternoon at 1pm local time jet lagged as hell but ready to party in the sun! The flight was quite long. 7 hours (including layovers.)

I had an opportunity to explore the Edmonton airport though, that was interesting…I mean, I thought Vancouver was cold, but it would seem that the seventh layer of hell isn’t as cold as Edmonton in November. Seriously, how do these Canadians do it?

Anyways, I landed at 1pm at Phoenix Sk Harbour International Airport. Just enough time to catch a cab to my mate Charlie’s place to get ready for his sister’s wedding. Crazy, I know right? The wedding was an absolute blast. I have not been to many weddings in the past but this one was absolutely RADICAL! To start, the ceremony was on a beautiful, green golf course overlooking a large pond. The venue was called the Verrado Golf Club.

Don’t even get me started on the food. Five courses, starting with a fresh Waldorf salad, followed by lamb chops grilled with asparagus and eggplant, lemon herbed salmon, french toast, a lentil-parsley soup finished with an incredible desert spread. I ate so much I did NOT think I would be able to dance.

You don’t know this about me but back home in London, I spent years practicing ball-room dancing (foxtrot, waltz and west coast swing), so I was really hoping for an opportunity to dance with some of the ladies there. It turns out that one of Charlie’s friends from high school competed state-wide in ball-room dancing with her dance studio. The DJ was AMAZING and played lots of songs we could dance to while keeping the whole crowd on the floor. I don’t remember his name but he was from bestphoenixweddingdj.com.

We drank, danced and ate so much that I ended up taking a taxi home early, however the night was not lost, I had a friggen GREAT time!

The last couple days have been a blur of sightseeing, hanging with the friends and enjoying the beautiful Arizona sun. I am only here for a couple more weeks and then I think I would like to go to Mexico. Maybe it’s the sun getting to me but I really want to try surfing…

Until next time boys and girls!