Hello again lads and ladies, good to be here again! Sorry for my extended delay, but let’s pick up where we left off.

After a few weeks enjoying all the culture and beauty Phoenix had to off, I took a short flight to sunny California. Even in the dead of winter, the sun was still shining, no wonder some celebrities are well tanned. I went to hotel room to rest for a few hours before heading to the infamous In-and-Out for an “Animal style burger and fries”. Let me tell you, that was a mean burger. I understand all the fuss about it, plus it looked great on the Instagram feed.

A spent as much time as I could on the beach during my stay. I was determined to show London my golden glow from the West. Other than catching sun rays, I hiked up to see the Hollywood sign like the good tourist I am. It was so grand! I took plenty of tours around Hollywood and Beverly Hills to see the life of the most lavish Americans. I swear I saw Sir Elton John! My gran got all starry eyed when I mentioned the presence of her favourite artist. I managed to take a photo of the gentleman, but is not very clear. I wish I had the reflexes to snap a photo that wasn’t blurry. I wasn’t a big fan of Rodeo Drive though. It was a little excessive for my taste.

I think my favourite Los Angeles landmarks were the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Griffith Observatory. Oddly, they both were a reality check for me. They both reminded me how small I really am, it was refreshing. The Walk of Fame was a display of so many incredibly talented individuals and the great work their have done. The walk stretches fifteen blocks! So many brilliant minds of the past and present.
The observatory was mind-blowing! It brought the distant world of outerspace into my palms.

Like millions of people before me, I went to Disneyland. It was magical, but very busy and loud. Music and laughter could be heard from all corners. I indulged in all the food and views the park had to offer. Even though the queues took ages, they were worth the wait. The rides and rollercoasters were INSANE! My favourite was Indian Jones Adventure, modeled after one of my favourite films. It certainly fulfilled all of the childhood wishes.

(Photo credits: citypass.com)

Now I am back in London. Thankfully the summer has been nice… at least for our standards. I am still craving some sun. You know what they say, it is hard to satisfy that travel bug!

Until next time!